Land of the Crimson Cliffs

Field Associate: Arnold Whitaker
Establishing shot: A mid-close up of a man, dressed in a suit and tie, reading a large paper map. A world map can be seen in the background and in the foreground is a large desk, which the man is reading at. The narrator then puts the map down and begins narrating. The narration then becomes voice over as the scene cuts to a car driving on a barren dirt road of Utah.

Another to Conquer

Camera: Robert Cline
Sound: Clarence Townsend
Consultant: Ruth Underhill, Ph.D., a noted Southwestern anthropologist
Editor: H. E. Mandal
Establishing shot:  A night scene in which Navajo people dance around a campfire in full frame. In a quick cut, the camera is then positioned closer to the campfire as the men circle.
Named locations: No named location
Major themes covered: The impact of tuberculosis on Native Americans, particularly the Navajo