A Dancing People "Yupiit Yuraryarait"

Dedication: "With Love and Respect, this Program is dedicated to the Elders of the Nine Villages."

The KYUK TV Productions Collection: A series of informative TV documentaries spotlighting varied aspects of life among the Yup’ik people of Southwestern Alaska. These films were produced by television station KYUK (Bethel Broadcasting) in Bethel, Alaska, which has kindly made them available to the American Indian Film Gallery.

Canadian Photographer Lives as an Eskimo (newsreel)

"To the Arctic village of and the land of Eskimo huskies, comes the Canadian cameraman, Doug Wilkinson. Living with an Eskimo family, he joins the everyday chores, like chopping frozen seal meat for the dog teams and learns the difficult native language. Sharing the better and primitive existence of the Arctic for fourteen months, cameraman Wilkinson records an authentic film study of life in the frozen and forgotten Far North.”

Eskimo Walrus Hunt

Named locations: Etah, North Greenland (78' 20" North latitude), Sunrise Point, Borah
Major themes covered: Eskimo hunters in kayaks search for walrus: footage from Teens or Twenties; narration added in the early 1930s as a travel-talk.
Native activities shown:  Walrus-hunting in traditional manner.
Individuals Named
Native language spoken:none; English voiceover
Noteworthy elements:  "Note the intelligence of the Eskimo people."