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Establishing shot:Opens with a map of South America and a description of the Amazon and Rio de la Plata river basins and tributaries that border Paraguay. First live action shot is an extreme long shot, through palm trees and past lush hillsides, of Iguazu Falls.
Named locations: Iguazu Falls (1:10), Itagua (4:01), Asuncion (5:13), Gran Chaco (8:20), Concepcion (15:08), Rio de la Plata, Pilcomayo River, Amazon River, Paraguay River, Parana River.

The Cave Paintings of the Chumash Indians

Score: Elisabeth Waldo and her folklorico orchestra

Crew: Photography: Steve Penny; Animation: Alan Rice; Technical Supervision: Rick Lopez, Dick Mitchell, Jim Leaman; Production Assistants: Mike King, Chriss Dentzel, Conrad Corbett; Film Editor/Sound Editor: Steve Penny, Gary Tegler.

Cast: Yuki Manak, Patti Chavez, John Aldocano, Glenn Penny, Therese Barret (as Chumash people); Grant Campbell (as himself)

Peruvian Archaeology

Establishing shot: Opens with chart detailing cultural/historical periods of early Peru.  Includes:  Nomadic Tribes, Chavin Period, Early Period, Middle Period, Late Period, and Inca Empire Period, and ends with Spanish Conquest in 1532.  First live-action shot is a long shot of the Andes with group of people walking along gravel road in the foreground.