Colorado River

Navajo Indian Life

Establishing shot: view of Monument Valley, in the distance
Named locations: Arizona; Monument Valley; Colorado River; New Mexico.
Major themes covered: Silent film shows the world of the Navajo Indians in Northern Arizona, their work and leisure, children and adults
Native activities shown:  Riding a burro; Displaying jewelry; Posing for the camera; Preparing a cradleboard; Planting crops; Grinding corn; Preparing food; Eating a meal; Silversmithing.

Canyon Conquest

Establishing shot:   Film opens with a desert scene. A mountain can be seen in the background, in the foreground there are creosotes and prickly pear cactus.
Named locations:  Glen Canyon, dam on the Colorado River; Colorado River; San Juan; Upper Colorado River Basin; Colorado; Wyoming; Utah; New Mexico; Arizona; Rio Colorado of the Southwest; Hoover Dam; Davis Dam; Parker Dam; Imperial Dam; Page, Arizona; Flagstaff, Arizona; US Highway 89; Kanab, Utah;