Ceremonial Pipes

Establishing shot: narrator explains the importance of smoking a ceremonial pipe next to a sacred altar. Shot shows a buffalo skull with tobacco smoke rising in front of it.
Named locations: Spiral Mound of Oklahoma
Native activities shown:   from the earliest pipes carved from stone, shows the many types of pipes and ceremonial pipes used by Indians.
Native language spoken: yes
Audible? yes

Navajo Sandpainters

Establishing shot: Extreme long shot of the Navajo reservation. On screen right a scraggly desert tree can be seen, and in the background a large mountain (Navajo Mountain) can be seen in the center of the frame.
Named locations: Santa Fe, New Mexico; Navajo Mountain.
Major themes covered: The cultural significance of sandpaintings

Navajo Night Dances

Establishing shot: Extreme long shot of the Navajo landscape. Mountains and canyons can be seen in the background while a stump of a tree can be seen in the middle ground of the frame. A desert tree can be seen behind the stump on screen right.
Named locations: In this film, mythical place names from the Mountain Chant Way are presented as actual locations. Mentioned are “Beautiful in the Mountains,” “Circle of Red Stones,” and “Wind Around a Rock.”